IMPORTANT: Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Corona virus, we regrettably announce that this summer’s FutureHack Class of 2020 will be CANCELED. The safety and well-being of our students is FutureHack’s top priority. Given FutureHack students have come from over 30 countries worldwide, we feel this is best for our students and we hope you’ll click below to reserve your spot for FutureHack Class of Summer 2021! See you next year and stay safe!

About FutureHack

The MakerFest is our introductory program, where we take individuals with no previous entrepreneurial experience and we ‘turn on the switch’ in their minds.  Participants will work together in teams to learn introductory maker and presentation skills over an intense 48 hour workshop.

The Innovators Workshop is a week long camp that starts by introducing Participants to future technologies through our 48 Hour Makerfest. Participants will also be taken on a journey of self discovery to discover their passions and talents.  We will expose them to the basic steps of the MIT entrepreneurship curriculum and participants will work in teams to create and ideate solutions.

The Bootcamp is a transformative and immersive 2 week residential summer program. (The 2017 Bootcamp took place at MIT and Tufts). After an introduction to future technologies, students are taken through an inward process to identify their passions and talents. During the course of the program students will learn about MIT’s ground breaking Entrepreneurship curriculum and use the curriculum to ideate and pitch solutions to real world problems.

At FutureHack we believe that students should have the skill and knowledge to “learn to learn.”  Our students do not sit in boring lectures and get spoonfed information, rather students learn through a series of interactive lectures, hands-on maker activities, entrepreneurial panels and discussions, team building and group work.  Participants will also learn the importance of teamwork, leadership and communication by forming teams to design and launch a real startup business and participate in a pitch presentation.

Classes are taught by FutureHack staff, MIT and other college professors, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Some classroom sessions may require extra outside work.  But generally the homework will take the form of teams developing their business plan and their pitch presentations.

Participants choose their own teams and assume the roles of C-level executives, such as CEO, CMO, CTO, COO/CFO.  Although FutureHack staff is on hand to give guidance during the team formation process, we believe that choosing their own teams is a crucial part of the learning and networking process.

Application Process

Applications to the summer 2018 program will open in the fall of 2017/winter of 2018.  Applications are accepted online. Please click here to submit application and intro video.

We welcome applications from International applicants to add to the diversity of the program.  Participants must have a valid visa that would allow them to enter and stay in the United States for the program. Unfortunately, FutureHack is unable to help students to secure visas.

Accommodations and Other Information

Participants live in campus dormitories in a double room with one roommate.  Unless otherwise indicated, we will assign roommates from different nationalities to encourage participants to learn from other cultures.

Campus dormitories have shared bathrooms, laundry, kitchens with a shared refrigerator, stove, and microwave, and a 24-hour staffed front desk with card access to enter.

Participants will select their own meals.  Breakfast and Dinner are buffet style and lunches will be self-purchased at a couple of shops near the campus.  Participant budgets will vary for lunch but an approximate amount of $10 a day is generally sufficient.

FutureHack will not be able to provide transportation to the campus upon arrival. Participants must make their own arrangements for arrival.

Participants may not leave on weekdays when there are classes and events.  Due to the unique nature of the program, we do not have specific social activities scheduled only during weekends.  As part of the program, participants go on campus tours, company visits to Google and other tech start-ups, as well as interact with participants from other countries. On weekends, students tend to get a lot of work done on their companies, plus bond with their classmates, so we highly advise against any weekend trips.  However, if you need to leave for any reason please contact the FutureHack staff to make arrangements.

Participants are expected to provide their own laptop computers, mouse, earphones/earbuds, and stationery (pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc).

We do not have a nurse on staff.  Participants will be required to administer their own medications if required.  While we do not anticipate any emergencies, Tufts Medical Center is nearby and easily accessible.  

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